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Helder Designs is a fabricated line of fine metal jewelry. All pieces have been hand-cut, filed, sanded and finished in Helder's studio. In addition to mixed-metal, soldered pieces, Helder also sets semi precious and precious stones as well as incorporates enamel into her work. Her jewelry has been described as classic, simple, dainty, and contemporary. She prefers to make pieces that are both attractive as well as easily wearable. She allows character in her work and does not attempt to hide the fact that she is a craftsman and not a machine.

Kim Helder is a graduate of Kutztown University with a B.S in Art Education. Helder studied pottery, photography, digital art, fine metals and concentrated in oil painting. She is currently the middle and high school art teacher at Carlisle Christian Academy and has taught both in York city and State College, Pa. Helder lives with her husband in Carlisle and enjoys long distance running, reading, spending time in her studio and traveling.